Peeling The Onion

Peeling The Onion is a curriculum to address the layers of issues that women may have avoided over the years because of the negative stigma, pain, shame and guilt it caused. The use of drugs and or alcohol help to escape the realities of life and provided a pseudo means of coping mechanism. The layers also represent the age or the stages that the event(s) may have occurred and left one paralyzed to move forward. Today we carry so much pain from the pass that it prohibits one to function presently in a healthy and wholistic matter. It was said by Iyanla Vanzant, “Until you heal the wound, the wounds of your past will continue to bleed!” So, in order to stop the bleeding, we address one layer at a time, cleaning out the wound for proper healing to occur. Lastly, Empower-Her the courage to forgive, so that she does not remain a victim, but becomes victorious to move forward in life.